Critical Language Scholarship Program | Re-Entry Resources

Re-Entry Resources

One of the most unexpected challenges of studying abroad is the process of returning home. Even if you have been abroad many times before, returning home can be challenging in surprising and new ways each time. The CLS Program provides a variety of resources to help you make sense of the transition and make the most of your CLS experience as it relates to your personal, academic, and professional development. These resources include:

  • An in-country workshop on re-entry that will be facilitated by your Resident Director
  • A re-entry webinar hosted by our staff in Washington, D.C.
  • A comprehensive re-entry guidebook that includes exercises for reflection and future planning that will be sent to all participants

The transition back to life in the U.S. can be an emotionally and mentally demanding process that is experienced differently by each individual. For this reason, the CLS Program makes resources available to alumni that they can access at the point in their process that they find them most useful. Re-entry resources are distributed shortly following the conclusion of the program but are also available on the CLS website at and updated each year. More information about each of these activities/resources will be provided at the end of the summer.