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Support for Participants

Connect Before You Leave

As a CLS recipient, there are several ways to connect online with other current program participants, as well as CLS alumni and staff.

    Alumni Support Network

    One of the CLS Program’s most significant resources for assisting new participants is our deep pool of CLS Program alumni. Their diverse experiences on the CLS Program and the lessons they have learned are valuable tools that they can share with you. The Alumni Support Network exists to put you in contact directly with our alumni and includes our Alumni Resource Directories and our One-to-One Mentorship Program.

    Alumni Resource Directories

    These directories – distributed by language and organized by program site – list alumni who have volunteered to speak with you about a variety of topics, both sensitive and routine. Please take advantage of this resource – our alumni are looking forward to sharing their experiences and answering your questions about everything from weather and packing to diversity and identity abroad.

    One-to-One Mentorship Program

    CLS works to match interested participants individually with alumni who have expressed interest in serving as mentors for the summer. Alumni mentors will communicate regularly with participants throughout the CLS Program to provide ongoing support and experiences. If you are interested in being paired with a CLS alumni mentor, please email cls@americancouncils.org.