Critical Language Scholarship Program | CLS Program Staff

CLS Program Staff

CLS Staff at American Councils in Washington, D.C.

The American Councils staff in Washington, D.C. is your primary contact for questions before and after the CLS Program. During the program, American Councils works closely with local staff in cases of emergencies. If you have questions about policies or program-wide concerns, you may contact program staff in Washington, D.C.

Program Officer

The Program Officer in charge of your site is your primary point of contact in Washington, D.C. for the weeks leading up to the start of the program, as well as over the summer. The Program Officer is a great resource for any questions you have about the program structure and host culture during the spring. Over the summer, the Program Officer will conduct weekly phone calls with your Resident Director to stay updated on the program. The Program Officer will remain a primary point of contact for you in Washington, D.C. should you want to discuss any issues or concerns during the summer.

Resident Director

Your Resident Director (RD) is an American Councils representative at your host institution. The Resident Director will be your primary contact during the CLS Program. If you have any problems related to health, housing, or academics, you should talk with your Resident Director. The Resident Director will have a cell phone at all times and will coordinate with institute staff and American Councils staff in Washington, D.C. as appropriate to resolve any issues.

Institute Staff

The Institute Director and other local staff members at your CLS program site are responsible for planning and overseeing the CLS academic program and cultural activities schedule. They are excellent resources for information about the culture in your host community, places of interest in your city, and safety. Like your Resident Director, they are also ready to provide emergency assistance at any time. If you are unable to reach your Resident Director during an emergency, you should immediately call the Institute Director or other local staff members. Contact information for the Institute Director and local staff can be found on emergency cards provided by American Councils prior to international departure.