Critical Language Scholarship Program | Post-Program Requirements
Two Hindi students visit a bookshop in Jaipur, India.

Post-Program Requirements

CLS participants must fulfill several additional responsibilities after departing from their CLS program site. In order to achieve and benefit from CLS alumni status, participants must complete two post-program requirements: the post-program evaluation survey and the post-program Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI). Participants are expected to check their email regularly in the weeks following the program so that they receive important information about these post-program requirements.

Post-Program Evaluation Survey

During the CLS Program, participants complete a mid-program evaluation survey. After the program concludes, participants must submit a post-program evaluation survey in which they reflect upon their experiences with the CLS Program. Instructions for completing the post-program evaluation are shared with participants via email shortly after the end of their program.

Post-Program Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)

Prior to the start of the CLS Program, all finalists complete an Oral Proficiency Interview, or OPI. After the end of the program, participants must complete a post-program OPI to evaluate their language progress over the summer. Like the pre-program OPI, the post-program OPI is administered by Language Testing International and consists of a phone conversation with a language tester. After the completing all program requirements, CLS alumni receive both their pre-program and post-program OPI scores, along with an ACTFL OPI proficiency rating certificate.

Alumni Status

CLS participants must complete the CLS post-program requirements by the deadlines communicated to them by CLS staff in order to achieve CLS alumni status. If a participant travels abroad or has other commitments in the period following the CLS Program, it is their responsibility to ensure that they will be able to complete the post-program evaluation and post-program OPI in a timely manner.

Participants who fail to complete the post-program requirements by the stated deadlines may not receive CLS alumni status. To avoid this, participants are urged monitor email regularly, respond to inquiries, and to inform the CLS Program of any changes to their email address or phone number.