Critical Language Scholarship Program | Alumni Outreach
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Alumni Outreach

CLS Alumni are instrumental in our outreach efforts to prospective applicants regarding the program. Because CLS is a relatively young initiative, there are still many qualified students at colleges and universities across the U.S. who have not heard of the program. We rely heavily on CLS information sessions to help get the word out to these students, as well as to the faculty and staff at their institutions who will help to promote the program to new students for years to come.

As much as the CLS staff likes to travel, we can’t go everywhere every year. Alumni outreach helps to give CLS a voice all across the country; plus, prospective applicants love to hear stories from and ask questions of program alumni! Hearing about your first-hand experience on the program can be far more impactful for a prospective applicant than reading about the program online or in a brochure.

Feel free to contact us at 202-833-7522 or via email if you have any questions!

Materials to Support Your Outreach

We have several resources to support you in your outreach efforts!

  • If you are interested in conducting an information session on your campus or in your community, read Spreading the Word (PDF), our guide to alumni-led information sessions.
  • You may also want to download and print the CLS informational one-pager (PDF).
  • If you're conducting a presentation, we invite you to use the PowerPoint template designed for alumni (PPTX).