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Advisor Resources

Below is a list of resources to help explain the program and support your students in preparing the best applications they can that reflect their potential contributions to the program and its goals.



2020 Application

A PDF copy of the summer 2020 application. May be printed and shared with students. Also provides an accessible alternative to completing the application online. Please note that while we do not anticipate major changes between cycles, the application is subject to change from year to year.

2020 Recommendation Form

A PDF copy of the Recommendation Form. Each application should be accompanied by two recommendations, completed by individuals who are familiar with an applicant’s appropriateness for the CLS Program, personally and academically. Recommendations can be requested online through the application form, or submitted by mail/fax using the hard-copy form.

2020 Application Instructions

Detailed instructions for completing the CLS Application. Applicants are encouraged to review the application instructions while they are filling out the application form, as they often provide additional context and instructions for completing individual questions.

2020 Language Levels and Prerequisites

Detailed information about the prerequisite requirements for each language program offered by the CLS Program.

2020 Selection Criteria

The 2020 CLS Program selection criteria. All advisors and applicants are recommended to review the selection criteria before submitting an application.

Information Session Presentation

A set of slides that can be used to present on the CLS Program opportunity by advocates for the program, including campus advisors. A recorded presentation of the slides is also available here.

Application Tips

An easily digestible video explaining the goals of the CLS Program that serves to walk students through the CLS essay prompts and provides recommendations on how to approach writing them.

One Page Flyer

A single-sided one-page flyer with all the important details of the CLS Program—excellent for use at an information session or opportunity fair.

Promotional Poster

A large-format (11x17) poster to promote the program.

Find Alumni on Your Campus

Search for your college or university for a list of current advisors and past participants from your institution.