Critical Language Scholarship Program | Selection Panels

Selection Panels

Finalists for the CLS Program and CLS Spark are selected through a two-round selection process.

  • First Round - Applications are read twice by independent evaluators including language faculty, area specialists, study abroad professionals, and fellowship advisors on U.S. campuses, as well as CLS Program alumni. Generally, the first round of selection begins after the application deadline and is completed by the end of December.
  • Second Round - Top applications from the first round are read by a separate panel of evaluators. Generally, evaluators read each application individually before the end of January, and then convene virtually in late January to early February to make final recommendations for scholarship awards, alternate candidates, and declined applications.

Evaluators are assigned to either the first or second round and either the CLS Program or CLS Spark.

In order to ensure a diversity of experience in the evaluation process, the CLS Program makes an effort to include both new evaluators and those with experience evaluating for CLS in the past.

If you are interested in participating in the selection process, please email