Critical Language Scholarship Program | CLS Refresh

CLS Refresh

One of the key goals of the CLS Program is to support scholars to learn critical languages and continue their study and use of those languages after the end of their participation in the program. In order to substantively contribute to the continued development of critical language skills by CLS Program scholars, CLS has offered a language learning opportunity since 2021 called CLS Refresh. This opportunity provides virtual language instruction at no cost to the alumni selected to participate. Please note that while CLS Refresh has been offered on an annual basis, it is contingent on funding every year. 

Virtual tutoring is provided by CLS Program overseas institute partners. All alumni of the CLS Program in good standing are eligible to apply during CLS Refresh application cycles, including those not located in the United States. Each person who would like to participate must submit an application describing their motivations for participation and how they have been using their CLS language since the conclusion of their program.