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The Turkish Language

No Prior Language Study Required

Orig­i­nat­ing in the fur­thest reach­es of Cen­tral Asia, the Turk­ish lan­guage crossed con­ti­nents to become one of Europe and Asi­a’s most impor­tant his­tor­i­cal lan­guages with the growth of the Ottoman Empire. Today, Turk­ish is spo­ken in the mod­ern repub­lic of Turkey and lan­guages in the Tur­kic fam­i­ly are spo­ken across the Mid­dle East and Cen­tral Asia. Turkey’s fast grow­ing econ­o­my and loca­tion as a bridge between Europe and Asia have made it a con­stant cen­ter of inter­est, invest­ment, and study for stu­dents and pro­fes­sion­als from a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent fields.

If you’re a stu­dent of the Mid­dle East look­ing to learn a lan­guage that will open access to one of the region’s key play­ers, a lin­guist search­ing for a gate­way to an enor­mous and diverse fam­i­ly of lan­guages, or an aspir­ing busi­nessper­son look­ing to make deals in thriv­ing metrop­o­lis­es like Istan­bul and Ankara, Turk­ish will open doors and pro­vide a foun­da­tion for your long-term goals. 

Program Sites

Ankara, Turkey
TOMER Institute
Jun 14, 2021 - Aug 06, 2021

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Eileen Calub
Turkish 2020
Ankara, Turkey
Monique Bowie
Turkish 2019
Baku, Azerbaijan
Jacob Burch-Konda
Turkish 2018
Baku, Azerbaijan