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The learning process doesn’t end when CLS Program participants complete their time abroad on the CLS Program. Participating in an intensive program abroad often promotes growth not just in language proficiency, but in myriad other transferable skills and personal development. During the re-entry phase, program participants often benefit from opportunities to continue commitment to the language and to process all that they learned while abroad.

We offer resources to alumni eager to integrate their CLS experiences back into their personal, academic, and professional lives. Because returnees often find different resources beneficial at different times in the re-entry process, and it can take months and years to fully realize the effects of an experiential education opportunity such as the CLS Program, we encourage alumni to revisit these resources in the months and years after completing the program.

Re-entry Webinar

A webinar is provided CLS alumni shortly after returning from abroad and covers a range of topics relevant to recent study abroad participants. The recording of the webinar is accessible here.

Re-entry Handbook

The CLS Re-entry Handbook, which covers strategies for successful re-entry, returning abroad, study abroad and career development, and a workbook with reflection activities, is accessible here.

Returnee Mentoring Circles

Because an important aspect of the continued learning process of a study abroad program includes opportunities to reflect on that experience after returning home, the CLS Program offers recently returned participants the opportunity to engage in facilitated discussion circles. The goal of this program is to offer alumni the opportunity to process their experiences abroad in the months after returning to the U.S. with a small group of other participants who have a shared experience, and to help alumni plan how they will continue to integrate their language skills and cultural knowledge into their personal, professional, and academic paths.

For the months of October, November, and December 2019, mentoring circles will be asked to meet once per month with topics of reflection provided by CLS start the discussions. Mentoring circles will identify meeting times among themselves and hold each other accountable for participating each month. Meetings will take place via an online videoconferencing platform, with support provided by the CLS team if desired. Depending upon the number of 2019 alumni who opt to participate in the mentoring circles, groups will contain 4-6 members.