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The Chinese Language

Requires Two Years of Prior Study

Man­darin Chi­nese is the most wide­ly spo­ken first lan­guage in the world, boast­ing almost 900 mil­lion native speak­ers and over a bil­lion speak­ers in total! Dat­ing back thou­sands of years, the Chi­nese lan­guage reflects a rich his­to­ry of cul­tur­al tra­di­tions and encom­pass­es a vast diver­si­ty of peo­ple, places, and per­spec­tives. The Chi­nese lan­guage itself is var­i­ous, fea­tur­ing many mutu­al­ly unin­tel­li­gi­ble region­al dialects and vari­a­tions, although Man­darin has been adopt­ed as a de fac­to standard.

It’s easy to see why Chi­nese is in such high demand, with boom­ing economies all over the world in loca­tions such as Malaysia, Sin­ga­pore, Tai­wan, and of course Chi­na, all fea­tur­ing Man­darin Chi­nese as a key com­po­nent. As tech­nol­o­gy con­tin­ues to con­nect the East and the West, more Amer­i­cans are learn­ing Chi­nese in order to engage effec­tive­ly in the glob­al mar­ket­place and pur­sue inter­na­tion­al careers in diverse fields such as archae­ol­o­gy, finance, soci­ol­o­gy, and med­i­cine. The CLS Pro­gram teach­es stu­dents Man­darin Chi­nese, while pro­vid­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties for stu­dents to engage with Chi­na’s diverse local culture.

Program Sites

Dalian, China
Dalian University of Technology
Jun 07, 2021 - Jul 30, 2021
Changchun, China
College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University (CHSNENU)
Jun 14, 2021 - Aug 06, 2021
Tainan, Taiwan
National Cheng Kung University
Jun 20, 2021 - Aug 12, 2021
New Taipei City, Taiwan
Tamkang University
Jun 20, 2021 - Aug 12, 2021

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Featured Alumni Profiles

Leisha Guzman Torres
Chinese 2017
Suzhou, China
Abena Amoakuh
Chinese 2016
Dalian, China
Naimul Chowdhury
Chinese 2018
Xi'an, China