The Hindi Language

Combined, the languages of Hindi and Urdu are spoken by almost a billion people across Pakistan and India. Hindi is the lingua franca of the entire country of India. Despite the growing international prevalence of the Hindi language in business, technology, entertainment industries, and more, Hindi remains a less-commonly taught language in the United States.

As the most widely spoken language in India, Hindi gives students interested in the sub-continent the freedom to study, work in, and explore the country. It is also a step towards learning other Indo-Aryan languages such as Urdu, Bengali, or Punjabi. As India's profile continues to skyrocket, proficiency in Hindi and the nuanced cultural knowledge gained through Hindi language study will be in high demand.

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Jaipur, India
Jun 13, 2019 - Aug 14, 2019

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Ariana Pemberton
Hindi 2017
Jaipur, India
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Hindi 2016
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