Critical Language Scholarship Program | CLS Advisor Roadmap

CLS Advisor Roadmap

Use our virtual roadmap to build student interest and institutional support of the CLS Program on your campus! You’ll find a month-by-month breakdown of important CLS dates, outreach and recruitment tools and resources, and suggestions for activities to reach more students and build institutional partnerships.

You can also download a PDF of the Roadmap, complete with checklists here.


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Fall Semester

Each year, the applications for the CLS Program and its virtual initiative, CLS Spark, launch at the end of September to early October, making fall the busiest time of the year for outreach and recruitment to students.

  • August

    • Request promotional materials. You can view our printable promotional materials here.
    • Check for upcoming CLS webinars.
    • Promote recent CLS student stories.
    • Review the CLS advisor information for your institution. 
  • September

    • RSVP for the CLS pre-launch webinar for advisors.
    • Brush up on the previous year’s CLS application and selection criteria. 
    • Work with campus partners to schedule a CLS outreach presentation for your campus. 
    • Request an alumni ambassador to join your outreach presentation. 
    • Display CLS promotional materials across your campus.
  • October

    • Announce the application launch to your students and campus partners! 
    • Work with campus partners to publish a press-release announcing the application launch and competition. 
    • Review this year’s CLS application and selection criteria.
    • Familiarize yourself with our CLS Program application tips and CLS Spark application tips videos. 
    • Use the CLS Advisor Portal to view open applications on your campus.
    • Indicate your interest in participating in our national selection process. 
  • November

    • Remind students to submit their application before the deadline. 
    • Encourage students to attend CLS webinars and virtual Office Hours to receive additional support as they approach the application finish line. 
  • December

    • Participate as a first-round reviewer in the CLS selection process. 
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Spring Semester

The CLS application review process takes place during the winter months. Semi-finalists for the CLS Program and CLS Spark are announced in late January and finalists are announced in early March.

  • January

    • Participate as a second-round reviewer in the CLS selection process. 
    • Log in to the CLS Advisor Protal to check the status of your students' applications.
    • Remind your students of the merits of the application process.
  • February

    • Work with your CLS semi-finalists on obtaining a valid passport! 
  • March

    • Log in to the CLS Advisor Portal to see who has been selected for the CLS Program and CLS Spark! 
    • Schedule an advising meeting with your CLS finalists.
    • Encourage your CLS finalists to attend the Say Yes to CLS webinar!
  • April

    • Stay patient with your alternates. Alternates are promoted to finalists on a rolling basis as spots become available. For both the CLS Program and CLS Spark, this process typically continues throughout the month of May. 
    • Assist finalists in preparing required pre-departure materials.
  • May

    • Brainstorm with your CLS finalists ways to share their experience with other students on your campus. 
  • June and July

    • Connect with your CLS finalist while they are on their CLS Program or CLS Spark! 
    • Keep an eye out for your CLS student on social media!