Critical Language Scholarship Program | Alumni Resource Directory

Alumni Resource Directory

The Alumni Resource Directory is a list of alumni who have volunteered to support participants on the CLS Program. We developed this resource to provide both alumni and participants with the opportunity to connect and share the great wealth of experience and knowledge that our alumni have about CLS languages and their respective world regions.

The directory is organized alphabetically by last name with each profile card displaying an individual's current location, year(s) of participation, language(s) studied, site(s), and program format(s). To find out more about an individual, you can click on their card. Filtering and sorting buttons can be found in the top left and the search button can be found in the top right. We encourage you to make use of these functions! For example, if you are interested in connecting with someone who participated in CLS Program recently, you might filter by year or sort the results by year from first to last. 

This resource is most meaningful when students and alumni use it to contact the alumni listed within, so please do so freely. Alumni have listed their information because they genuinely would like to be contacted, so don’t be shy!

Please note that the information provided in this directory is intended only for current CLS participants and the alumni who have opted in to this year’s directory. If you have questions about accessing the Alumni Resource Directory, you can reach out to the CLS Alumni Engagement Officer at

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