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Alumni Resource Directory

The 2024 Alumni Resource Directory for Finalists is a compilation of enthusiastic alumni who have volunteered to support finalists on the CLS Program. This resource was designed to provide finalists with the opportunity to connect with previous participants and for alumni to be able to share their experiences, advice and knowledge.

The directory is organized alphabetically by first name. To find out more about an individual, please click on their profile card. Filtering and sorting buttons can be found in the top left and the search button is in the top right. For example, if you are interested in connecting with someone who studied the same CLS language, use the filtering mechanism on the top left and select the language you're looking for. You can apply this same process for filtering for specific years, program modalities, etc., as well as apply more than one filter at once (please click + Add Condition). We especially encourage you to look through all the different topics that alumni are interested in speaking with you about ("Topics I would love to talk with you about"). 

Alumni Resource Directory Filtering

This resource is most meaningful when finalists use it to actively contact the alumni listed within via email or LinkedIn, so please do so freely. Alumni have listed their information because they genuinely would like to be contacted, so don’t be shy!

Please note that the information provided in this directory is intended only for current CLS finalists and the alumni who have opted in to this year’s directory. Please do not share outside of the CLS network. If you have questions about accessing the Alumni Resource Directory, please reach out to

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