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Chelsea McGill

When Chelsea McGill went to Bangladesh on the CLS Program in 2011, it was her first time outside of the United States. After eight weeks navigating a completely new environment, culture and language, she knew that it wouldn’t be the last.

“Looking back, my decision to apply for Bangla has...

Alumni Profiles — Posted by Jessica Klink on November 06, 2019

2020 CLS Alumni Ambassador Application

Are you interested in sharing your experience while supporting and promoting the CLS Program? The application to become a 2020 CLS Alumni Ambassador is now open!

Who are CLS Alumni Ambassadors?

CLS Alumni Ambassadors are recent CLS participants who take leadership roles as active and...

Program News — Posted by Liz Sinclair on November 04, 2019

Rachel Sider

“CLS gave me the initial boost of confidence to make friendships in a foreign language, try new foods for which I only know the Arabic name and, eventually, dream in the language. This was the foundation on which my professional life in the Middle East has unfolded.”

Rachel Sider...

Alumni Profiles — Posted by Jessica Klink on October 24, 2019

Critical Language winner ­goes from U-Hall to Jordan

Finish finals early. Move out of U-Hall. Go to Jordan. This was Clare VanSpeybroeck’s pre-summer checklist last June after winning the Critical Language Scholarship, CLS, a summer-intensive program targeting critical languages — non-Western European languages with critical demand, but limited access. With the scholarship, she travelled to Amman, Jordan for eight weeks, where she studied Arabic.

CLS In the Press — Shared from The DePaulia on October 15, 2019

Jamal Russell Black

Jamal Russell Black was a CLS participant in 2016 in China, and is now the CEO and Head Researcher at Veridian Analytics in San Diego, California. His goal was always to work in international and economic development, and during his undergraduate program it became apparent to Jamal that...

Alumni Profiles — Posted by Jessica Klink on October 01, 2019

Webinar Recordings for Students and Advisors

Thanks to everyone who was able to join in for any of our launch webinars over the past two weeks. If you were unable to attend a webinar you were hoping to catch, we've uploaded recordings of each session to the CLS YouTube page. See what you missed and let us know if you have any...

Program News — Posted by Andrew McCullough on October 01, 2019