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The Lesson of the Korean War in the Age of “America First”

David Fields (Korean 2010) writes about how the history of the Korean War underscores that not every international problem has a clear or quick solution, but it does offer an important lesson for dealing with intractable problems: seek allies and build consensus.

CLS In the Press — Shared from The Wilson Center on July 02, 2020

Being LGBTQIA+ in a Conservative Country

Luana Davila is an alumna of the 2019 CLS Arabic program in Meknes, Morocco, and wrote the following about her experience as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community on the CLS Program. Luana is working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies at the University of Illinois, Chicago and is a...

Program News — Posted by Liz Sinclair on June 29, 2020

7 Stories Of Growing Up Black In Appalachia

Reporter Benny Becker (Indonesian 2012) tells the story of Derek Akal and his family. Akal currently lives in Lexington, Kentucky. He was working for Cumberland Mine Service, but was laid off during the pandemic.

CLS In the Press — Shared from WV Public Broadcasting on June 24, 2020

Audrey Petersen

Audrey Petersen made the decision to study Bangla after doing a public health research project on the incorporation of zinc in the treatment of diarrheal diseases for her nursing program at George Mason University. The research was primarily being studied by an organization headquartered in...

Alumni Profiles — Posted by Jessica Klink on June 22, 2020

David Fields

David Fields became interested in Korea when he learned of opportunities to teach English after earning his undergraduate degree. After teaching English in South Korea for two years, he began studying United States and East Asian relations at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and participated...

Alumni Profiles — Posted by Jessica Klink on June 15, 2020