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Specht ’20 Announced as Fulbright and Critical Language Semi-Finalist

International Studies and Spanish double major Heidi Specht ’20 has her sights set on working in Brazil after graduation. This month, she’s moved one step closer to making it a reality. She learned that she’s a semi-finalist for both the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Award and Critical Language Scholarship (CLS).

CLS In the Press — Shared from Arcadia University News on January 24, 2020

Four students named CLS semifinalists

Madelyn Beacham, Daniel Shearer, Megan Shockley, and Maggie Simmons were selected in mid-January as semifinalists for the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS), which funds American undergraduate and graduate students to complete intensive language study abroad in the summer. The quartet will find out if they are finalists in March.

CLS In the Press — Shared from University of North Georgia News on January 22, 2020

Avan Antia

“The CLS Program is what helped me form my own identity, which helped me be a better representative of both the United States and India. Growing up in an Indian household allowed me to connect to my CLS community, and foster mutual understanding.”

Avan Antia participated in the CLS Hindi program...

Alumni Profiles — Posted by Jessica Klink on January 21, 2020

Vanessa Huerta

“CLS was a turning point in my life. It wasn’t just a trip to another country to learn a foreign language. On the contrary, it was a trip of cultural understanding, personal growth, relationship building, and a milestone to my personal identity.”

Vanessa Huerta was a participant in CLS Russian in...

Alumni Profiles — Posted by Jessica Klink on January 21, 2020

Annisah Smith

“Being awarded the Critical Language Scholarship was a special moment for me as it allowed me to finally learn Bahasa Indonesia in a formal setting and connect with my Indonesian family.”

Annisah Smith participated in CLS Indonesian in 2015 and 2016 in Malang, Indonesia. She grew up in Kuala...

Alumni Profiles — Posted by Jessica Klink on January 14, 2020

Matthew Tappert

“After the CLS Program I spent the better part of a decade working in ex-Soviet Central Asia, which is how I ended up in D.C. working on international development programs. Russian has been essential to every job I’ve had.”

Matt began studying Russian as an undergraduate at Pennsylvania...

Alumni Profiles — Posted by Jessica Klink on January 08, 2020

Radhika Arora

“From a young age, I became interested in learning languages and exploring the cultural differences that shape the way we think about the world. The CLS Program solidified those interests and inspired a clear career pathway for me.”

Radhika Arora’s interest in the Middle East started when she...

Alumni Profiles — Posted by Jessica Klink on January 02, 2020

2020 CLS Alumni Development Fund

As the CLS alumni community grows to over 6,800 members, we continue our work to remain a resource for your language-related endeavors. To this end, the CLS Program is pleased to invite program alumni from all years to apply for a 2020 Alumni Development Fund (ADF) grant.

The Alumni...

Program News — Posted by Liz Sinclair on December 20, 2019

Janet Purdy

“My CLS experience sent me in an entirely new direction of learning and research. I am now a scholar of East Africa and the Indian Ocean.”

When Janet started to study art history, she was primarily focused on West and Central Africa. After learning that her university offered Swahili...

Alumni Profiles — Posted by Jessica Klink on December 13, 2019