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Voices of Exchange Podcast: Monumental Moments

In Richmond, Virginia, CLS Alumna Julia Beabout (Chinese 2012) and fellow International Exchange Alumnus Grady Hart teamed up to create Monumental Conversations, an augmented reality project that centers on the undertold stories of Black resilience and excellence in Richmond.

CLS in the Press — June 15, 2022

Cynthia Johnson

Cynthia Johnson is an alumna of the 2021 CLS Korean Program hosted by Chonnam National University in Gwangju, South Korea. Cynthia graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a bachelor’s degree in Critical Language and International Studies with a minor in Korean translation and local…

Alumni Profile — June 10, 2022

Pride Month showed me what was possible

Growing up in rural West Virginia in a town of only 544 people, I had resigned myself to never coming out. I was mainly concerned for my safety, but I also feared the judgment and strange looks I would receive from members of my hometown. Yet, seeing thousands of out and proud LGBTQ+ people, like S…

CLS Program News — May 31, 2022

Advisor Chat: Yee Han Chu

Meet CLS Advisor Yee Han Chu! Yee Han advises for the CLS Program in her role as Academic Support and Fellowship Opportunities Coordinator at University of North Dakota (UND). Yee Han uses an individual-centered approach when advising students, a skill she has honed from years as a clinical social …

CLS Program News — May 26, 2022