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Laura Sanchez

After Laura Sanchez graduated from the University of Florida in 2017, she was unsure if she wanted to pursue a career in language and international politics, or ecology and conservation. While participating on the CLS Program in 2018, she was able to further explore her interests by signing up for …

Alumni Profile — April 20, 2021

What Do We Call This? The CLS Alumni Society Podcast Presents Window to the World: From Chinese Pen Pals to Partners

What Do We Call This? is a podcast project produced by the CLS Alumni Society. In this episode, they explore how two CLS Program alumni--William Yuen Yee (Chinese 2019) and Jessica Jue (Chinese 2019)--created a pen pal program, to strengthen the ways we learn and communicate with people in China. Don't underestimate the power of penpal friendships!

CLS in the Press — April 19, 2021

Richardton resident to receive State Department scholarship

Cheydon Paulson has received the Critical Language Scholarship, a scholarship sponsored by the U.S. State Department. The language scholarship is a challenging process, one that sees about 10% of applicants accepted and for a rural North Dakota school like Richardton to have a student selected in no small feat — an example highlighting their strong academic focus.

CLS in the Press — April 19, 2021

Girls’ Literacy in Rural Rajasthan

Mrinalini Watson (Hindi 2018), Nicholas Thomason (Hindi 2018), Sophia Seidenberg (Hindi 2018), and Ella Parsons (Hindi 2018), 2018 ADF recipients, completed a project to support teenage girls’ literacy in rural Rajasthan. They engaged 28 girls between the ages of 12 and 20 who had dropped out of sc…

Alumni Projects — April 12, 2021

Kids Change the World: Stories for Global Health Diplomacy

Amanda Yao (Chinese 2019), Benjamin Gertsen (Chinese 2008, 2009), and Christopher Yao (Chinese 2015), with their global health diplomacy organization, Kids Change the World, have worked in recent years to raise funds to provide corrective surgeries for children born with cleft lip and/or palate. To…

Alumni Projects — April 12, 2021

The Arusha Working Papers in African Linguistics

In 2017, CLS Alumni Development Fund recipient Troy Spier (Swahili 2017) and several African colleagues who sought a venue for advanced graduate students and junior scholars to share their work founded the Arusha Working Papers in African Linguistics, an open-access journal. In recent years, Troy a…

Alumni Projects — April 12, 2021