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​CLS Alumni Ambassador Application

Are you interested in sharing your experiences while working to support and promote the CLS Program? The application to become a 2017 CLS Alumni Ambassador is now open!

CLS Alumni Ambassadors take leadership roles as active representatives of the CLS Program and of the U.S. Department of State. CLS Alumni Ambassadors are expected to engage with all CLS alumni and to represent the program to various audiences, including prospective CLS participants, program finalists, university staff, and the general public.  

What do Alumni Ambassadors do?

As an ambassador, you will be required to participate in the following activities:

  • Monitor online forums (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or LinkedIn) and provide prospective CLS students with information about your experiences
  • Participate in online Q&A sessions for newly-accepted CLS finalists
  • Plan and host events for CLS Program alumni
  • Respond to questions from future and current CLS participants
  • Write about your experiences on the CLS Program
  • Mentor participants through the CLS Alumni Support Network
  • Promote the CLS Program and study abroad in your community
  • Work with CLS Program staff on various projects

Who is eligible?

Anyone who successfully completed the 2016 CLS Program is eligible to become an Alumni Ambassador for 2017.

Why should I apply?

Being a CLS Alumni Ambassador is an opportunity to share your experiences from the CLS Program. It also gives you a unique opportunity to engage with past CLS alumni and encourage all program alumni to engage with one another. Ambassadors help others apply for the CLS Program and shape the experience of future CLS participants by providing suggestions and advice to CLS Program staff. Alumni Ambassadors are also leaders who spearhead new initiatives in alumni programming.

Is training provided?

Yes! All selected CLS Alumni Ambassadors will be required to participate in an online training and then invited to attend a two-day orientation in Washington, D.C. Dates will be announced after you have been chosen as an Alumni Ambassador. Travel costs will be covered by the CLS Program.

How do I apply?

Approximately 14-20 alumni from 2016 program will be selected. We look for alumni who have reflected on the successes and challenges of their experience and want to share their excitement for study abroad and the CLS Program with others. Alumni Ambassadors will be notified about their selection at the end of January.

To apply, please complete the online application available here:

Applications are due by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on December 29, 2016

To see a list of recent Alumni Ambassadors, go to:


Please contact Natalie Spencer at