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Ariana Pemberton

Ari­ana Pem­ber­ton is an alum­na of the 2017 CLS Hin­di pro­gram in Jaipur, India. Ari­ana is orig­i­nal­ly from the San Fran­cis­co Bay Area and grad­u­at­ed from UC Berke­ley in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Art His­to­ry. In the Fall 2018 semes­ter, she will be return­ing to UC Berke­ley to begin her Ph.D. stud­ies. After her doc­tor­al pro­gram, Ari­ana plans to become a pro­fes­sor, or oth­er­wise work close­ly with South Asian art and mate­r­i­al culture.

Tack­ling Stereo­types and Mis­con­cep­tions
While study­ing in India, I encoun­tered many locals who asked lots of ques­tions about Amer­i­ca and Amer­i­cans. This expe­ri­ence made me reflect on the assump­tions about India and Indi­ans in Amer­i­ca. Now I am reach­ing out to com­mu­ni­ties around me in the U.S. and try­ing my best to elim­i­nate many mis­con­cep­tions and stereo­types about India. 

Rela­tion­ships Go Beyond Lan­guage
My host fam­i­ly had three mem­bers: my host moth­er, host father, and host grand­moth­er. Although my Hin­di was not quite good enough to ful­ly con­verse with my host grand­moth­er, we built mutu­al under­stand­ing beyond the lan­guage bar­ri­er and devel­oped a very sweet rela­tion­ship. I have a very fond mem­o­ry of her tak­ing me up to the roof of the house and lis­ten­ing the pea­cocks sing. She spoke to me in Hin­di, and I admit I some­times pre­tend­ed to under­stand more than I real­ly did, but the amount of time we spent togeth­er was mean­ing­ful to me – it didn’t mat­ter that I didn’t under­stand her word for word. 

Dai­ly Dose of Hin­di
Hin­di is the first for­eign lan­guage I’ve learned and I have found it use­ful in my dai­ly life since return­ing from the CLS Pro­gram. I speak Hin­di every day at work with my co-work­ers and cus­tomers and have been able to estab­lish good con­nec­tions and con­tacts with peo­ple relat­ed to my field of inter­est. Know­ing Hin­di is also very impor­tant when I con­duct field work in India for my studies.

Learn­ing Hin­di in India
I think that learn­ing Hin­di on the CLS Pro­gram is an excel­lent choice! Study­ing in India and liv­ing with a host fam­i­ly there, espe­cial­ly as a woman, was chal­leng­ing at times. It would be a lie to say I didn’t miss home a lot when I was there, but I do feel it was an excel­lent expe­ri­ence and I wouldn’t change it if I could.

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Ariana Pemberton
Ariana Pemberton
Hindi 2017
Jaipur, India

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July 23, 2018