Critical Language Scholarship Program | Tuesday, November 3: Upcoming…

Tuesday, November 3: Upcoming Webinar for STEM Students

Update 11/6/2015: A recorded version of the webinar may be viewed here:

On Tuesday, November 3, at 4 pm EST, the CLS Program will host a webinar aimed at introducing the program to students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields. The webinar is presented by CLS Recruitment and Selection Officer Bo Knutson along with guest Chris LaPrade, ‎International Activities Manager at the American Chemical Society.

This webinar will include alumni of the program who have gone on to use their critical language skills in their STEM professions. This webinar’s focus will be to provide a clear example to students in fields of study that are not traditional in study abroad of how critical language skills can be applied in their future lives.

Please register for the webinar here: