Critical Language Scholarship Program | CLS Fall Webinars

CLS Fall Webinars

The CLS Program is happy to announce a range of webinars that seek to address questions applicants and university offices have about CLS and the application process.

We will start off on September 23 at 3pm ET, with a Application Launch Webinar for a wide audience explaining the goals of the program, resources available to students and study abroad offices and explaining the goals and benefits of the program, and provide some tips for applicants.

On September 28 at 3pm ET, CLS is happy to host a webinar on the topic of the CLS Program and Community Colleges in collaboration with Mara Andersen, Executive Director of Community Colleges for International Development (CCID). CCID is a "network for colleges to further their internationalization initiatives and to enhance the development of a globally competent workforce" and the CLS Program is excited to be collaborating with them this fall.

The webinar will be a CLS informational session about CLS as an opportunity for community college students. The presenters will talk about CLS, how programs like CLS can bring ‘internationalization’ community colleges, and challenges -and benefits- of the CLS program and study abroad for community college students.

On October 5 at 3pm ET, CLS will host a webinar addressing the topic of Minority-Serving Institutions and Groups Underrepresented in Study Abroad. The webinar will be co-hosted by Qimmah Najeeullah, Director of International Student & Faculty Services at Morgan State University and a CLS Alumni Ambassador who studied Arabic with CLS in 2015.

This webinar will focus on the CLS Program as an opportunity for students at Minority Servicing Institutions and groups generally underrepresented in study abroad. This webinar also talk about the importance of diversity among program participants, the experiences and challenges of these participants on program, and ways that CLS provides support to these students. The presenters will also go over some tips for applicants.