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Rice University Campus Advisors

Haejin E. Koh
Associate Director, Chao Center for Asian Studies
Hossam Elsherbiny
Lecturer, Center for Languages & Intercultural Communication

CLS Program participants from Rice University:

Year Name Language Site Institution
2019 Sophie Schellhammer Chinese Changchun, China Rice University
2018 Benjamin Jones Arabic Meknes, Morocco Rice University
2018 Meghana Pannala Hindi Jaipur, India Rice University
2016 Milad Najafabadi Russian Vladimir, Russia Rice University
2015 Jonas Wittke Indonesian Malang, Indonesia Rice University
2015 Kira Wegner-Clemens Russian Nizhny Novgorod, Russia Rice University
2015 Esmat Elhalaby Urdu Lucknow, India Rice University
2014 Jemina Bouma Chinese Suzhou, China Rice University
2013 Sarah Craig Hindi Jaipur, India Rice University
2012 Graham West Arabic Tunis, Tunisia Rice University
2012 Monica Matsumoto Arabic Tangier, Morocco Rice University
2012 Abby Downing-Beaver Russian Kazan, Russia Rice University
2011 Sabrina Toppa Urdu Lucknow, India Rice University
2009 Kirstin Golberg Arabic Amman, Jordan Rice University
2009 Joseph Spinella Chinese Suzhou, China Rice University
2008 Kirsten Jones Hindi Jaipur, India Rice University
2008 Laura DeVault Russian Astrakhan, Russia Rice University
2008 Brandon Chalifoux Turkish Izmir, Turkey Rice University

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