Who Advises for CLS?

The CLS Program maintains a list of faculty members and administrators at colleges and universities nationwide who have volunteered to assist students with the CLS application process.

To find CLS Advisors on your campus, visit this page:

Search for CLS advisors on your campus

Faculty and staff in language, literature, and other humanities departments; international relations or political science; STEM fields; study abroad; honors program or fellowship advising; and other areas can all play a role in advising students who are applying for CLS.

Find CLS Finalists and Alumni on Your Campus!

A full database of CLS Program alumni from 2006-present is available in the CLS Alumni Database. Search for CLS alumni by name, home institution, language, year, and field of study.

Become a CLS Advisor for your Campus

If you would like to volunteer to be listed as a CLS advisor for your campus on the CLS website, please enter your contact information here:

Sign up to be a CLS advisor

Campus advisors may receive:

  • Updates on CLS deadlines, outreach trips, and other important dates;
  • Application information;
  • Notification of CLS webinars, information sessions, and other events of interest to CLS applicants and advisors;
  • Information about the number of applicants and press releases recognizing selected CLS participants from their campuses; and
  • Other relevant updates.

Promoting CLS on Your Campus

Each fall, CLS Program staff and alumni host outreach events at universities across the U.S., but are unable to visit every campus. If you are interested in hosting your own information session, we encourage you to:

  • Review our available resources, including the informational presentation (PDF), one-page flyer (PDF), informational video (YouTube), and application tips video (YouTube);
  • Consider scheduling short, informational pitches in language classrooms and internationally focused classes in addition to larger informational sessions;
  • Reach out to alumni on your campus or in the area to have them talk about their experiences on the program with prospective applicants; 
  • Send information to faculty members about the scholarship, the application timeline, and best practices for writing letters of recommendation;
  • Contact us if you have questions about the presentation or would like further guidance.

CLS Award Timeline

  • Application launch: September
  • Application deadline: November
  • First round notification made to students: January
  • Final CLS Award notification: Late February to early March
  • Students depart for CLS program: Early to mid-June
  • Students return from CLS program: Early to mid-August

Who Applies to CLS?

The CLS Program welcomes applications from students who represent the full diversity of the United States. Students of all disciplines, majors, and varying language abilities are encouraged to apply. Participants in the 2016 CLS Program represented:

  • Public and private institutions, community colleges and minority serving institutions;
  • Nearly all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico;
  • 40% identified as students of color;
  • 77% undergraduate students and 23% graduate students;
  • 27% first-generation college students;
  • A wide variety of fields of study, including 16% from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields.

Please review the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Diversity Statement for further information.