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Villanova University Campus Advisors

Catherine Stecyk
Associate Director, Center for Research and Fellowships
Kelsey Fenner
Assistant Director, Center for Research and Fellowships
Michael Westrate
Director, Center for Research and Fellowships

CLS Program participants from Villanova University:

Year Name Language Site Institution
2019 Devin Creed Bangla Kolkata, India Villanova University
2014 Brendan Carchidi Arabic Amman, Jordan Villanova University
2014 John Buglione Japanese Himeji, Japan Villanova University
2013 Michael Fatigati Arabic Nizwa, Oman Villanova University
2012 Hayley Aron Japanese Kyoto, Japan Villanova University
2011 Jerisa Upton Chinese Beijing, China Villanova University
2010 Nicole Cicero Russian Ufa, Russia Villanova University
2009 Samuel Silverman Chinese Suzhou, China Villanova University

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