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Colgate University Campus Advisors

You are not required to go through any office on your campus in order to apply to the CLS Program. However, we recommend you make use of resources available on your campus to strengthen your application.

Resources on your campus may include an academic advisor, the Scholarships Office, Fellowships Office, Merit Awards Office, Study Abroad Office, Honors Program, Career Office or International Programs Office. A campus writing center may also provide helpful feedback on your essays.

The following individuals on your campus are knowledgable about the CLS Program and can provide advice on the application process for you, and support through the process:

Stephen Wright
Assistant Dean for Fellowships Advising, Office of National Fellowships and Scholarships

The CLS Program provides resources to help you prepare a competitive application with or without the help of an advisor:

Previous Recipients

Year Name Language Site Institution
2021 Elizabeth Moore Arabic Amman, Jordan Colgate University
2021 Kathleen Maro Arabic Ibri, Oman Colgate University
2021 Hanna Ramirez Chinese Tainan, Taiwan Colgate University
2021 Lauren Sobran Persian Dushanbe, Tajikistan Colgate University
2021 Harleen Kaur Punjabi Chandigarh, India Colgate University
2020 Melissa Verbeek Arabic Ibri, Oman Colgate University
2020 Thomas Dunia Swahili Arusha, Tanzania Colgate University
2019 Adriana Kartanadi Chinese Suzhou, China Colgate University
2019 Kailey Jackett Hindi Jaipur, India Colgate University
2019 Trey Spadone Indonesian Malang, Indonesia Colgate University
2014 Sarah Collins Arabic Ibri, Oman Colgate University
2014 Morgan McCollum Chinese Hangzhou, China Colgate University
2014 Kayla Gressel Hindi Jaipur, India Colgate University
2013 David Esber Arabic Tangier, Morocco Colgate University
2013 Solomon Tesfaye Arabic Ibri, Oman Colgate University
2013 Dana Vonnegut Hindi Jaipur, India Colgate University
2012 Sarah Collins Arabic Tunis, Tunisia Colgate University
2011 Margaret Dunne Bangla Dhaka, Bangladesh Colgate University
2011 Kiera Crowley Chinese Beijing, China Colgate University
2010 Margaret Dunne Bangla Dhaka, Bangladesh Colgate University
2009 Elizabeth Sadler Urdu Lucknow, India Colgate University
2008 Thomas Ellison Arabic Salalah, Oman Colgate University

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