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Bates College Campus Advisors

You are not required to go through any office on your campus in order to apply to the CLS Program. However, we recommend you make use of resources available on your campus to strengthen your application.

Resources on your campus may include an academic advisor, the Scholarships Office, Fellowships Office, Merit Awards Office, Study Abroad Office, Honors Program, Career Office or International Programs Office. A campus writing center may also provide helpful feedback on your essays.

The following individuals on your campus are knowledgable about the CLS Program and can provide advice on the application process for you, and support through the process:

Darren Gallant
Associate Dean & Director, Center for Global Education
Jennifer Hyde
Global Education Advisor, Global Education

The CLS Program provides resources to help you prepare a competitive application with or without the help of an advisor:

Previous Recipients

Year Name Language Site Institution
2022 Christopher Seifert Chinese Dalian, China Bates College
2018 Michael Lombardi Japanese Hikone, Japan Bates College
2015 Natacha Danon Arabic Amman, Jordan Bates College
2009 Anna Levy Chinese Harbin, China Bates College
2009 Jiyeon Glass Chinese Suzhou, China Bates College
2007 Rory Stratton Arabic Tunis, Tunisia Bates College

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