Critical Language Scholarship Program | 2017 Summer Notifications

2017 Summer Notifications

Thank you everyone for your patience during our application and selection process! We are happy to announce that final notifications have been sent for the 2017 Summer CLS Program.

We are also excited to announce our hosting institutions for the 2017 programs, and especially proud to note that we are continuing our collaborations with the

LanguageCountry, CityMore Information
ArabicJordan, AmmanMore Information
ArabicMorocco, MeknesMore Information
ArabicMorocco, TangierMore Information
ArabicOman, IbriMore Information
AzerbaijaniAzerbaijan, BakuMore Information
BanglaIndia, KolkataMore Information
ChineseChina, ChangchunMore Information
ChineseChina, DalianMore Information
ChineseChina, SuzhouMore Information
ChineseChina, Xi'anMore Information
ChineseTaiwan, TainanMore Information
HindiIndia, JaipurMore Information
IndonesianIndonesia, MalangMore Information
JapaneseJapan, HikoneMore Information
KoreanSouth Korea, GwangjuMore Information
PersianTajikistan, DushanbeMore Information
PunjabiIndia, ChandigarhMore Information
RussianRussia, Nizhny NovgorodMore Information
RussianRussia, VladimirMore Information
SwahiliTanzania, ArushaMore Information
TurkishAzerbaijan, BakuMore Information
UrduIndia, LucknowMore Information

If you were a semi-finalist and have not received a final notification, do check your spam folders, or contact us and we can resend your notification.