Critical Language Scholarship Program | CLS Summer 2016 Application…

CLS Summer 2016 Application Due Today! (Monday, 11/23)

Update 11/23 @ 7:45pm: Due to technical issues on the application server, we have extended the CLS Summer 2016 deadline to tomorrow, November, 24 at 5:00pm Eastern Time. Thank you all for your patience. Some will continue to experience disruptions in service while the server comes back to full capacity. We recommend stepping away for a short period and coming back later to complete and submit your application. You can find more information on our main page, Thank you!

Update 11/23 @ 6:09pm: The application server has been restarted and is coming online slowly. We have a number of users who are logging in successfully. If you are still experiencing issues, please clear your browser cache or try to log in with a different browser. We are continuing to evaluate the situation and will post more updates here and on Facebook/Twitter.

Update 11/23 @ 5:57pm: We are aware of continued difficulties with the application server. Those issues should be resolved shortly, but we will have more information here as well as on our Facebook group soon. Thank you for your patience!!

The CLS Summer 2016 application deadline is today at 7:59pm Eastern Time!

Recommendations are due next week (Monday, November 30th) so go ahead and submit even if your recommendations aren't done yet.

In case of any questions or concerns please contact us at 1-877-257-9922 or at