Critical Language Scholarship Program | Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia

Program Dates:

June 13 - August 11, 2022

Hosting Institution:

American Councils for International Education

The CLS institute in Tbilisi is designed to cover the equivalent of one academic year of university-level Russian study during the 8-week program, and is designed to meet the needs of students from a range of language levels and backgrounds. Students range in proficiency and experience from those who have completed the minimum required year of college-level study or its equivalent, to heritage speakers already at an advanced level of proficiency.

The program is hosted by American Councils for International Education in Georgia. Formal classroom instruction consists of approximately four hours per day of language classes, five days per week. Classes focus on the four skills of language development – listening, speaking, reading and writing and include authentic material from the mass media and pop culture.

Cultural excursions, lectures, and other enrichment activities are designed to support and enhance language learning and exposure to the host culture. Past activities have explored traditional arts and crafts, folklore, and the history of Georgia and the Caucasus.

CLS students in Tbilisi will get to experience daily life in Georgia’s capital city. CLS participants will likely enjoy exploring the city’s public parks and recently remodeled districts, where they can see the mix of old and new architecture. During a free weekend, students may also consider traveling independently to nearby cities such as Borjomi, Sighnaghi or Telavi. Students on the CLS program in Tbilisi meet regularly with language partners for more conversational practice and immersion in local life. Language partners have introduced CLS students to local youth culture by visiting restaurants and cafes, shopping for gifts in the Old City, going to concerts, and exploring of hidden treasures of Tbilisi.