Critical Language Scholarship Program | Amman, Jordan

Amman, Jordan

Program Dates:

June 15 - August 10, 2023

Hosting Institution:

Jordan Language Academy

The CLS Program in Amman, Jordan is hosted by the Jordan Language Academy (JLA). JLA is a private independent institution that aims to teach Arabic language and culture to promote international and intercultural understanding. During the program, students broaden their linguistic knowledge of Arabic while learning about Jordanian culture and contemporary issues in the region.

Spending the summer in Amman gives students an incredible opportunity to discover Arabic pop culture and food and meet people from a wide range of backgrounds. The capital city is also home to a number of professional industries such as international development, humanitarian, and business. Jordan has a deep, rich history that students are encouraged to explore during their free time. On free weekends previous students have visited historical sites such as Petra and Jerash.

Each week at JLA students participate in an average of fifteen hours of instruction in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and the Jordanian dialect. Studying the dialect is important to help facilitate each student’s ability to navigate daily life in Amman. Students also deepen their knowledge of media Arabic and practice listening skills in the language learning lab. Over the course of just eight weeks, CLS students can expect to cover the equivalent of one academic year of college-level Arabic.

In Amman, students live with host families to gain insight into Jordanian family life and practice their language skills. As a part of the family, students learn about fascinating aspects of Jordanian culture typically reserved for the private sphere. Students may learn how to cook mansaf, celebrate Eid Al Adha, and visit extended family on the weekends. In addition to the host family experience, students meet with a Jordanian language partner in one-on-one meetings each week. These meetings are designed to provide a more relaxed environment to practice conversational Arabic skills and gain further insight into Jordanian culture. Most language partners at JLA are local college students or recent graduates enthusiastic about sharing all their city has to offer.