Critical Language Scholarship Program | Alexandria, Egypt (Spark…

Alexandria, Egypt (Spark Virtual)

Program Dates:

June 05 - August 04, 2023

Hosting Institution:

Alexandria University

CLS Spark for Arabic is hosted by the TAFL Center of Alexandria University in Alexandria, Egypt and offers an interactive, beginning-level learning experience in a virtual environment. Throughout the summer, students use all the opportunities the program provides to grow their Arabic language skills while gaining valuable insight into Egypt’s unique culture.

Students participate in an average of ten hours per week of formal language instruction. Classes focus on the major skills of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) including grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, and listening comprehension. Instructors also support students through weekly individual consultations focused on the particular needs and interests of the students.

As part of the program, students participate in cultural activities to deepen their understanding of Egyptian culture and history and to engage with members of experts and demonstrators from the host community. After week four of the program, students begin to meet weekly with their peer language partners. The thirty-minute language partner sessions allow students to practice their growing Arabic skills and engage in cultural exchange and person-to-person diplomacy.

Over the course of just eight weeks, students can expect to cover the equivalent of one year of Arabic instruction at the university level and are eligible for academic credit.

CLS Spark alumni will receive automatic consideration as a semifinalist if they meet eligibility requirements and apply to study the same language in the following summer’s overseas CLS program.