Critical Language Scholarship Program | Ibri, Oman

Ibri, Oman

Program Dates:

May 29 - August 03, 2018

Hosting Institution:

Noor Majan Training Institute

Program Overview

The CLS Program in Ibri, Oman is hosted by the Noor Majan Training Institute. The institute offers a high quality learning experience in an encouraging and interactive environment. Throughout the summer, students will experience a challenging academic program while gaining valuable insight into Oman’s unique culture.

Throughout the program, students will have opportunities to learn Arabic both inside the classroom and in an immersive cultural setting. In the classroom, students will have an average of sixteen hours per week of instruction in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which will be supplemented with an average of four hours per week working on the Omani Dialect. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to work on media Arabic skills for several hours each week. Coursework will cover the equivalent of one year of Arabic instruction at a U.S. institution.

In addition to formal classwork, students will have scheduled hours each week with language partners in one-on-one sessions designed to give opportunities for additional speaking practice with their Omani peers. Omani language partners are also members of the students’ host families, whom they will stay with on three weekends plus the Eid holiday. The rest of the time, students will live in the Noor Majan Training Institute dormitories. Omani language partners will give students greater access to the local Omani community in a way that offers insights into cultural norms and customs. Throughout the summer students will participate in extracurricular activities and excursions to other parts of Oman. In the past, students have had the opportunity to participate in an Arabic language table with Ibri citizens and activists, visit an Omani date farm, learn Arabic calligraphy skills, as well as participate in cultural activities with locals. All of the activities provided by NMTI will give students a basis for understanding the wide breadth of Omani culture.