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What Do We Call This? The CLS Alumni Society Podcast

Miriam Tinberg (Arabic 2012), Ashley Rivenbark (Chinese 2014), and Sana Vang (Chinese 2014), 2018 ADF recipients, used their Alumni Development Fund grant to produce a podcast on behalf of the CLS Alumni Society, focused specifically on diversity and inclusion. The podcast is a series of interviews of CLS alumni wherein they have conversations that explore the unique stories of each alumni and how they coped with various issues of identity abroad and at home.

The goal of the podcast, which is an ongoing project, is to educate people in the CLS community regarding personal stories and experiences with which they may not be familiar themselves, and to remind listeners of their ability and responsibility to connect with others despite and because of differences.

Miriam Tinberg
Arabic 2012

Ashley Rivenbark
Chinese 2014

Sana Vang
Chinese 2014

Posted Date

April 12, 2021