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The Arusha Working Papers in African Linguistics

In 2017, CLS Alum­ni Devel­op­ment Fund recip­i­ent Troy Spi­er (Swahili 2017) and sev­er­al African col­leagues who sought a venue for advanced grad­u­ate stu­dents and junior schol­ars to share their work found­ed the Arusha Work­ing Papers in African Lin­guis­tics, an open-access jour­nal. In recent years, Troy and his col­leagues formed an edi­to­r­i­al board, reached out to uni­ver­si­ties across Africa, devel­oped an online pres­ence, and ini­ti­at­ed the peer-review process. With 2020 ADF sup­port, they are releas­ing the third vol­ume. Like many, Troy and his col­leagues have found COVID-19 to pose seri­ous chal­lenges to their process. How­ev­er, they nonethe­less found suc­cess with their project this year as they updat­ed their online pres­ence, stan­dard­ized the sub­mis­sion guide­lines, cre­at­ed a tem­plate for poten­tial authors, and beta-test­ed a new sub­mis­sion and review sys­tem, and cre­at­ed a work­ing mail­ing list of almost two hun­dred African schol­ars who work direct­ly with African lan­guages, lin­guis­tics, and/​or literature. 

We are extreme­ly excit­ed to release the third vol­ume around the start of Jan­u­ary, espe­cial­ly because we have received many high-qual­i­ty sub­mis­sions from sub­fields and/​or lan­guages that dif­fer from those already dis­cussed in the pri­or two vol­umes. For instance, we have received our first mul­ti-author sub­mis­sion, our first arti­cle that deals with com­pu­ta­tion­al lin­guis­tic approach­es to Ban­tu lan­guages, and a vari­ety of arti­cles on soci­olin­guis­tic issues in East and South Africa. We are grate­ful to the CLS Alum­ni Devel­op­ment Fund for allow­ing us to con­tin­ue this piv­otal work.”

Troy Spier
Swahili 2017

Posted Date

April 12, 2021