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Language Training to Provide Translation Services to Refugees

Damian Harris-Hernandez (Turkish 2012) sought support from the 2020 ADF to improve his oral and aural Turkish language skills with the purpose of assisting refugees seeking asylum in the U.S. In 2017, Damian founded the Refugee Translation Project, a non-profit that provides free translation services to refugees. While he frequently provides translation services, he found himself unable to fulfill requests for live interpreting and sought tutoring specifically focused on immigration topics to assist refugees seeking asylum.

"Ten hours of active listening and speaking greatly improved my listening comprehension, as well as boosted my confidence in speaking. The course also gave me the vocabulary necessary in an asylum interview setting. I learned that live interpreting is very difficult, and that if I were to do this in a professional capacity, I will have to keep practicing to maintain the level of competency I gained at the end of the course."

Damian Harris-Hernandez
Turkish 2012

Posted Date

April 12, 2021