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Language Study to Translate 19th Century Bangla Literature

Bennett Comerford (Bangla 2011, 2012, 2014) worked virtually with a Bangla language tutor to further his language skills in order to translate two challenging nineteenth-century Bengali literary texts. These texts comprise the heart of Bennett’s dissertation project for his doctorate in comparative religion. He continues to study Bangla with his tutor, with the goal of strengthening his Bangla language skills in order to enhance his professional, academic, and linguistic development as he works toward becoming a professor of religion with a specific focus on the religious and literary traditions of colonial Bengal.

"I feel strongly that I took an important step in the direction of these goals, and that the ADF grant was helpful not only as financial support but also for the accountability it provided for maintaining a commitment to ongoing Bangla language study. As a teacher in a college setting, I have and will continue to encourage interested students to apply to CLS program, whether to study Bangla or another critical language of their choosing. I am deeply grateful to the CLS program for this invaluable opportunity."

Bennett Comerford
Bangla 2011
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Posted Date

April 12, 2021