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Language Study to Support Journalism in Syria

Andrew Brown (Arabic 2016) took Arabic courses to bolster his language learning specific to his journalism work covering Syria. Through this language study, Andrew was able to focus on vocabulary specific to his work, which enabled him to better communicate with colleagues, design projects, and organize trainings. He was also able to participate in the graphic design of an audio-visual series on Syrian women activists that his organization produced. Andrew’s project began just prior to the beginning of the pandemic and, although his tutoring was interrupted by lock downs in Jordan, he persevered and learned about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while doing intense language-learning, particularly amidst stressful circumstances.

“As an expatriate worker in a bilingual (but mostly Arabic) workplace, I believe it is important to commit to bettering my language abilities. There is a high-degree of nuance in journalism, and it is important to have the language skills necessary to pick up on these nuances. Beyond that, the longer I have lived as an expatriate, the more I realize the value of language in my relationships and the importance of “meeting” my friends in Arabic just as much as they “meet” me in English. This project has been enriching personally and professionally, and I am grateful that have been granted the opportunity to complete it.”

Andrew Brown
Arabic 2016

Posted Date

April 12, 2021