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Exhibition of Art by Indonesian Migrant Fishermen in Taiwan

Andi Kao (Indonesian 2019) organized an exhibit of artwork produced by Indonesian migrant fishermen in Taiwan, held in-person in September 2020. Andi’s goal was to provide a showcase for items of self-expression by people from a community that is marginalized in the dominant culture of Taiwan, thereby contributing to a more holistic picture of the lives of Southeast Asian migrant fishermen there. Community members in Taipei attended the event, which also featured the original artwork of another group of Southeast Asian migrant women.

"Academically, the project has given me a better theoretical understanding of the nature of labor relations in the Taiwanese commercial fishing industry. Personally, I have been deeply moved by the bravery and generosity of project participants. Their selflessness in sharing their time and experiences will stay with me."

Andi Kao
Indonesian 2019

Posted Date

April 12, 2021