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East Asia for All Podcast

Melissa Brzycki (Chinese 2013) and Stephanie Montgomery (Chinese 2013), 2016 ADF recipients, produced and recorded a podcast (“East Asia for All”) with their grant. So far they have three completed episodes available on iTunes with plans to record more on a monthly basis. They hoped to create nuanced, in-depth discussions about East Asian popular culture and media that are both entertaining and informative. In their first episodes they covered topics such as the Chinese documentary “Under the Dome,” Japanese fascism, and Japanese author Nosaka Akiyuki. “Creating the podcast has helped us hone our communication skills and broadened our ideas about how to engage in public history. We are learning to convey our knowledge and opinions without relying on academic jargon or unnecessarily complex language.”

Melissa Brzycki
Chinese 2013

Posted Date

June 01, 2017