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Curriculum Based on the Sandstone Podcast

With a 2020 CLS Alumni Development Fund grant, Clara Haizlett (Arabic 2017) continued the work she began on Sandstone, a podcast project that explores the relationship between the Arab World and Appalachia, which was originally supported by a 2019 ADF grant. When the pandemic changed Clara’s original plans for her project, she was able to produce several extra episodes of the podcast and create a comprehensive curriculum inspired by the podcast.

Based on interest from educators in using the podcast for educational purposes, Clara worked with various educators on the design of the Sandstone Curriculum, a holistic, user-friendly, no-cost resource. The curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, active learning, and cross-cultural dialogue. Clara has distributed the curriculum widely and is working with PBS Learning to guarantee accessibility for educators within the region and beyond.

"I am so grateful to the CLS Alumni Development Fund for giving me this opportunity. The Sandstone project has changed my life and that is not an exaggeration! Since graduating, I embarked on a career in journalism - a career that I never even considered before producing Sandstone. I have put my all into this project and I sincerely hope that both the podcast and curriculum will positively impact students and educators within West Virginia and beyond."

Clara Haizlett
Arabic 2017

Posted Date

April 12, 2021