Critical Language Scholarship Program | Arabic Lecture Series

Arabic Lecture Series

Eric Young (Arabic 2015), Joshua Von Trapp (Arabic 2016), Henry Thompson (Arabic 2017) and Aaron Davis (Arabic 2015), 2017 ADF recipients, launched a series of 20 lectures delivered by thirteen different speakers in Arabic at Brigham Young University. Each lecture was preceded by a consultation with the speaker that served to help the speaker select a culturally interesting topic and tailor their language use to the target audience, and providing the group with an opportunity to practice spoken Arabic skills with a native speaker. The group created a website to direct instructors and learners to the individual videos shared on their Youtube channel ( Both the website and YouTube channel have been shared with colleagues at other universities working as tenure and not tenure-track faculty who have, in turn, directed their students to the videos. The uploaded videos have received over 450 views from five different countries for a total viewing time of more than 26 ½ hours.

Eric Young
Arabic 2015

Joshua Von Trapp
Arabic 2016

Henry Thompson
Arabic 2017

Aaron Davis
Arabic 2015

Posted Date

June 01, 2018