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Amy Moyer

Amy par­tic­i­pat­ed in CLS Bangla in 2009 and 2010 as a grad­u­ate stu­dent at Lehigh Uni­ver­si­ty study­ing Inter­na­tion­al Edu­ca­tion Lead­er­ship. Her advi­sor worked in Bangladesh and sparked her inter­est in learn­ing Bangla. Amy quick­ly con­nect­ed Bangla with her pas­sion for a career in inter­na­tion­al education. 

Amy con­nect­ed with the CLS host insti­tu­tion, the Amer­i­can Insti­tute for Bangla Stud­ies, and returned to do her dis­ser­ta­tion there in 2012 after her sec­ond sum­mer with the CLS Program. 

The CLS Pro­gram was key to get­ting me into Bangladesh and con­nect­ing me with peo­ple, orga­ni­za­tions, and schools that have fur­thered my career in inter­na­tion­al education.”

Amy con­duct­ed her CLS cap­stone project on the edu­ca­tion sys­tem in Bangladesh and went into the com­mu­ni­ty to observe schools and inter­view com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers. This pro­vid­ed a foun­da­tion for her dis­ser­ta­tion research, where she focused on lead­er­ship in school sys­tems and how it affects over­all edu­ca­tion outcomes. 

The lead­er­ship at each school in Bangladesh is high­ly impor­tant because of how the edu­ca­tion sys­tem is stan­dard­ized. The lack of vari­ety in school cur­ric­u­la made the dif­fer­ence in teacher cul­ture and how effec­tive teach­ers were crit­i­cal to the over­all edu­ca­tion. What makes the ulti­mate dif­fer­ence in edu­ca­tion is dis­tilled down to the human fac­tor being the only vari­able between these stan­dard­ized edu­ca­tion practices.”

Most recent­ly, Amy was pub­lished in the book, Teach­ing and Teacher Edu­ca­tion: South Asian Per­spec­tives.’ Her chap­ter is called Bar­ri­ers to Effec­tive­ness in the Class­room: Three cas­es of novice teach­ers in Bangladesh.’ 

The CLS Pro­gram shaped the tra­jec­to­ry of my degree and career, so I always pro­mote the pro­gram to my stu­dents. This year I was able to pro­vide a ref­er­ence for one of my stu­dents apply­ing to the Japan­ese program.”

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Amy Moyer
Amy Moyer
Bangla 2009
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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February 04, 2020