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Principal Advisors

Each institution can have an unlimited number of campus advisors who act as resources to their students. In addition, a limited number of advisors on each campus may be designated as “Principal” Advisors, who have limited access to information about students on their campus who are applying for the CLS Program each year. They will be able to see the status of applications started by students from their college or university and contact information for those students.

Advisor must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a verified institutional affiliation
  • Must be a staff or faculty member who works with students
  • Must use an .EDU email address associated with their college or university

In order to protect the privacy of applicants, the CLS Program limits the number of principal advisors. Principal advisors must additional meet the following requirements:

  • Must be in a position to work with applicants across different degree programs applying for all languages
  • Must agree to an additional data privacy policy

If you are in a position to take on the additional responsibility of being a principal advisor for your campus, please indicate whether you would like to be considered for that role below.